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Захід відбудеться 1 листопада 2022 року о 16:00 за київським часом


  On Nowember 1, within the framework of the project "Innovative cities: best practices of post-war reconstruction", there will be a presentation of the results of the work of the project teams and a summary of the work. We invite all those who wish to join using the link

 The event will take place on November 1, 2022 at 16:00 Kyiv time

About project. The essence of the project is to develop together with leading Ukrainian and EU scientists, practitioners of the program «Innovative Cities: Best Practices of Postwar Reconstruction», aimed at developing skills and qualifications that would allow in a short time to start practical development of postwar reconstruction projects in Ukraine.

 Expected results of the project:

- creation of a community of young professionals with creative approaches to restoring the livelihood of cities and territories for effective post-war reconstruction,

- ensuring a favorable socio-economic climate in the territories affected by the war, for the return of people there, the resumption of business, providing them with social guarantees and comfortable living conditions.

- formation of skills of management of cities and territories among youth as bases of maintenance of postwar reconstruction, preparation of future experts in system of life support of cities and territories,

- selection and implementation of ideas for the development of territories in the post-war reconstruction and further development, implementation of territorial development projects through the formation of investment and innovation ecospace of the territories after the war,

- formation of a platform for the creation of a new architecture of security and socio-economic development of territories on the European continent.

You can get acquainted with the materials of the lecture at the link

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